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xnikki118x's Journal

8 November 1985
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My super awesome HANSON mood theme was made by the beautiful onelastdime.
You can download it here. =)

My Dr. Derek Shepherd mood theme was made by liljan98.
You can download it here.

My Meredith and Derek mood theme was made by primdevi. I can't find the original post, but you can get it from my Photobucket if you want here, as long as you don't hotlink. =)

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I can't explain what he  does to me
You’ve got to love somebody to know
I can’t explain how he sets me free
You’ve got to love somebody to know

my pet!

I married daisee at marry_a_ljuser!

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Marriage is love.

We all  need somebody we can  turn  to
Someone who’ll   a l w a y s  understand
So  if  you feel  that  your  soul   is  dyin’
And you need the strength to keep tryin’
I’ll  reach  o u t  and   take  your  hand

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I adopted a cute lil' baby jesus fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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